It never rains unless it pours.


The view from our balcony.

Well it’s a good thing we worked all weekend, as the weather forecast was definitely right.  It’s been raining pretty much non stop for the last two days and it’s forecast to continue raining tomorrow Wednesday.  So thats half of the week gone.  It never rains unless it pours.  So progress on Kata Brava has come to halt.

We sat in our little apartment looking out over the Balcony at the pools of water that was forming on the lawn.


Joining the Rat race on a wet wet day.

Still after sitting at home all day on Monday we decided that on Tuesday we would drive to the yard and see how bad the rain was falling there.  It’s 9 miles or normally a 20 minute drive from our apartment to the yard…so we were kinda hoping it would be better there.

The weather was terrible and it showed no signs of letting up.

At the yard no one was really out and about…it was too wet.

On Sunday before leaving we had put tarps around Kata Brava’s cockpit to try and minimise the water that would be in the cockpit.  We had been taking of the deck fittings for the last few days, so there was little intentional holes everywhere.  Well if the weather was warmer we could have had a self made bath on board.


Tarps full of water.

We have plans to go away on business from Wednesday through to Saturday. If there is one thing you can’t fight it’s the weather.  So unfortunately this week there will be no progress on Kata Brava.

We are already looking forward to next week when we can continue our project.

4 thoughts on “It never rains unless it pours.

  1. Hey Cheryl & Morgan, what a great job so far ! U guys are doing a amazing job, well done! Cheryl u are getting stuck in as well there. I have to admit I signed up to follow u when u first sent the link but only just got around to reading from the start now at 3am whilst on feeding duties. I look forward to a visit when u bring her to the south Atlantic, even if I go green again lol. Will keep following ur updates, look forward to the progress. Well done guys x

  2. At least it’s not SNOW…quite a blizzard they got up north! The sun is still shining in Florida…we’ll send some your way! Time to watch movies, eat popcorn and recharge!

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