Week 2.

Week 2 – Still full of action and satisfaction.


Tommy our contractor for the welding brought our welder to be. Red is his name, a big red head guy, a real southern boy with a strong ascent. Red runs on Monster Energy drinks and flavored cigars.


Tommy is a super helpful very busy guy that knows a lot of handy people and can get anything done.  A real good guy to know when doing a project like this one.



So with Red in action welding the spots that needed attention, Cheryl has been keeping fire watch inside the boat for the majority of the week. A few spots actually fired up with the paint bubbling for too long, nothing major though.

IMG_1371 IMG_1383

When she was not on fire watch she was busy with the multi tool cutting away at the caulking seams and the base plates all to make the remaining part of the prying off a bit easier for me.


IMG_1444As for me this week I concentrated on removing or should I say destroying the wooden cap rail which has been giving me a hard time.

IMG_1436 IMG_1451

The cap rail is made of solid teak it was through bolted to the flat bar of the gunwale and bonded with heaps of sickaflex making it absolutely impossible to take it off in one piece so we had to  pry it off into a thousand splinters. A real shame but it had to come off as there was rust build up below it which needs treating.

Now that we have removed most of the teak from the deck last weekend we were left with a soft and rotten layer of  9 millimeter plywood. So we have been busy scraping this off. The plywood may be rotten and soft but the glue used to bond it to the deck is still solid therefore giving as a hard time.

IMG_1410 IMG_1416

Luckily for me I bought a power scraper. Its actually a pneumatic scraper with a 4″ blade. A very handy tool to do this job.


Once again this weekend we worked right through, not because we are workaholics but because the weather forecast is predicted to be quite wet for the next 3 days. With most of our work right now being out side we will be stuck, so our weekend will be during the week. We finally have an almost clear deck ‘teak free’

A+ Morgan.

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