Week 1.

Week one is demolition week in full swing.

We are up before the light of day, a cup of coffee for me, tea for Cheryl, a quick catch up with emails, make some sandwiches and out the door we go for our 20 minute ride down to Pier Side Boat works the Shipyard.


The shipyard gates open at 8:00AM and there we are.

This week our aim was to prep the areas inside corresponding to the spots that need to be welded on the outside. This means we have to get to the shell of the boat, in other words taking off the inside paneling and removing the fiberglass insulation to reach the hull from the inside. This allows us to monitor the hull from the inside as the welder will be welding on the outside of the boat and also reduces the risk of a fire happening.

IMG_1257 IMG_1255


Next up is gutting the areas that we felt needs modification and improvement. For now we decided on three areas which is the aft cabin, aft head/shower and fwd head/shower.

IMG_0054 IMG_1258

The cabin had five cupboards on the hull side of the bed with 6 small odd square mattress’s to make the bed. Half of the bed is below the cockpit sole. There is two electrical panels in this cabin and the sole is quite high almost at the same level as the bed ‘really odd’. The idea is to get rid of the cupboards on the hull side and relocate them below the cockpit sole, raise the bed some 200mm, relocate the two electric panels to the chart table and lower the sole of the cabin. All this should give us more space in the cabin, better level to get into bed and a proper shaped mattress rather then the sharp corners as seen in the pic.

IMG_0057 IMG_1253

The aft head/shower.  This head/shower had a really weird location for the toilet where one had to dock to get to the throne… and way too much cupboard space for a head. So the new idea is to relocate the toilet and get rid of a few cupboards, this will give us more room for showering and even a drying area for foal weather gear.

IMG_1232 IMG_1287

  Last but not least is the fwd head/shower.  This head like the aft head has way too much cupboard space all cramped in a small area and its not big to start with.  So all we are doing here is getting rid of the cupboards and relocating the sink just to give us a bit more elbow room.

That was the aim of the week which has been achieved.  With that we also opened the man hole of the fresh water tank to inspect the inside of it, the man hole of the fuel tank to also inspect it and found out that it is still half full of fuel. We’ve clean the bilges from oil, fuel, grease water and gunk.



Its been full on thanks to Cheryl for being a good sport. Stay tuned for the next update of the project.


Salut, Morgan.

4 thoughts on “Week 1.

    • Thanks for inviting us to your blog. What a great way to spend my Sunday morning, zooming around your blog. We love your organization of your project and of course this blog is fabulous. Now get busy!! ha

  1. You can tell a mile off how much experience with this sort of thing you both have, your very hard workers who deserve every bit of happiness…x

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