So I have been having this conversation with myself recently about whether or not I should give up Facebook.  It’s been something that’s kinda bothered me for a few months now.  However I keep holding on to it and continue with it, as I honestly do like Facebook.  I think it is an amazing tool to keep in touch with people, to follow where my friends and family are and what they are up to, to keep informed of what is happening around us and simply to just snoop around on.  I will be the first to admit that.

One of the things I said to myself at the beginning of this year was that I would not use Facebook so much, it’s addictive at times.  So for a month now I have used it to the bare minimum. Or at least I have posted comments a lot less than normal.  I just wanted to see if anyone popped up to say hi and to even ask how we were doing or hey what were we doing (we are unemployed right).  Hmmmmmm………

I think Facebook makes it soo easy to keep in touch with people that people actually forget   (well I like to think forget) to even write.  It’s so easy to keep in touch but do people really do …..not a lot.  Morgan’s sister Sarah wrote on my wall tonight, she wrote the following:- “So I have come to the conclusion that you are the only person I know that truly uses facebook at its best!!! if I had to get rid of all my friends but keep only ONE i would keep only you, as only with you do I feel that this thing is worth using!!!
so Thank you for being such a wonderful facebook user, for commenting on photo’s, for writing on my home page, for pressing the like button every now and then and for sharing your life with all the dreamy photo’s!!!”

At first I thought it was a prank or something as here I am trying my best for a whole month now to be a little less active.  So we have been thinking the same thing.  I don’t want people to just snoop, I want people to take a second out of their busy lives and say hi.  Shouldn’t friends do that.

That brought me to my next issue.  I have realised this month that I had 479 Facebook friends.  I have  ‘unfriend’ 70 in the last month.  Still seriously do I have 479 friends.  I don’t think so.  I definitely don’t hear from or write to that many people.  So I have made the decision to make a post and be my normal active self and see who actually responds or follows me.  I know there is a ton of people who are listed as ‘friends’ who wouldn’t say or comment at all.  Simply because they don’t know me.  So in 50 days I will have a quick check and delete all those ‘friends’ who aren’t exactly ‘friends’.  I want to share what’s happening in my life via facebook with people who are genuine friends.  I want to be true to myself and having 409 friends is not the truth.  OK rant over……Cheryl

6 thoughts on “Facebook


  2. Babe wow …amazing what your doing, looks like something that once its finished you feel a great sense of achievement!!! you guys really do make me miss the sun though 😦 am sure it must rain in your life ha ha …reading your blog i feel inspired to clean my garage out tomorrow in -1 degrees 😉 i might not have the same look on my face ha ha ….Well I do understand the Facebook thing, ive had so many request’s to be friends with people I know off but don’t know , so I don’t confirm..Do whats best for you babe and keep it up lots of love Paula xxx

  3. I don’ t think Facebook is an efficient or personal communication tool. You can waste a lot of time on it. Loving your blog…it is such a great way to record your experience. It will make a great reference for the future.

  4. I truely understand where you are coming from with this rant but I am glad for fb. It has allowed me to visit different places via your photos and it makes me proud to call you aunt knowing you are out there doing your thing and having a great time doing it.

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