So it begins…..

Today was our first full proper day in the yard working on project Kata Brava.  We were up early and out the door.  It was suppose to have been a warmer day here in Charleston, but it was chilly.  Thank god for heated car seats.   Not really sure how to progress, we decided to start our day with the cleaning out of the container that had various items that belonged to KB.  Well that was pretty easy, as up and out the items went.  Although some of the items seemed in good shape, we decided against keeping them.  So to the poubelle they went.  Now we felt we could see what was left….there wasn’t much.

Jon the Broker.

Jon the Broker.

Jon the broker came by in the morning to confirm that all parties had their monies.  Great stuff.  So we decided today was a better time than any to head to the South Carolina Title office to officially title Kata Brava in Morgan’s name.  Now we have a document stating that fact.  Another yahaaaaaay.  This also meant that Jon could take the ‘For Sale’ sign down from KB.  Another big smile on our faces…and on his to.

Back at the boat we started  inside …… ok so where do you start.  Randomly we pulled things out and apart and eventually we kinda had a pattern to what we were doing.

Our container at the end of day 1.

Our container at the end of day 1.

We started to remove the cushions, mattress’s and doors and then progressed from there.  We set up our container so that we could have tea in there if we wanted.  All in all it was a pretty productive first working day.


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