The eve of our 9th Anniversary.

Its the eve before celebrating our ninth year together and here we are about to venture into one of the biggest changes and challenges since we started on this journey together.  Although here we are sitting calmly on a rented couch in a rented apartment in Hanahan South Carolina with the smell of scented candles filling the room playing around on our computers.  Tomorrow we will start on project Kata Brava as it’s currently called to us.  Tomorrow we officially touch our ‘new’ boat.  Well she’s not actually new as she’s a 1986 60ft Steel Cutter currently name ‘Kata Brava’ that has been left sitting on the hard here in North Charleston for the last few years, but the exciting fact is that she is all ours.  Our yacht.  This is a dream come true for us something we have thought about and talked about and dreamt about for the last nine years.


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