Moving in.

We had done quite a bit of research on where we wanted to stay, but without knowing where exactly everything was located and what was in the area, we decided to leave the final decision until our arrival here in Charleston.

Monday 14th January we spent the day checking out 10 different apartment areas.  It was always something not quite right.  On the 10th and final viewing we thought great we have found it.

Our Apartment Block.

Our Apartment Block.

A great one bedroom apartment in a great location at a competitive price.  So after a complete day of paperwork, not having a credit and being a foreigner really didn’t make things easy, we moved into a unfurnished one bedroom apartment in Audubon Park.

We were super happy that this was going to be home for the next few months.

Everything we own sitting in our empty apartment.

Finally two days later our rented furniture arrived and we could set up home.

Our dinning room area/office.

A walk in closet. Definitely a first for me and such a treat to have ‘EVERYTHING’ out in one place.

Our apartment Bedroom.

Our apartment Bedroom.

Our apartment Kitchen.

Our little living room area.

Our Bathroom.

Our Bathroom.

The grounds are great and this is our rental car for the next three months.

This is our rental car for the next three months.

The grounds are great with a gym and swimming pool and the staff are super friendly.

5 thoughts on “Moving in.

  1. wow a walk in wardrobe!!! I sure Dream of having one of those!!!! Its a cute little apartment!!! Hope it feels like home for the next few months!

  2. Im looking through this blog with a stupid cheesy grin on my face, im thoroughly enjoying it! I’m so happy for you both, the apartment looks amazing, a walk in wardrobe?!?! wow. A great size for what you need, and a perfect pad for the time being… also very pleased to see the protein shake miss cheryl!!!xx

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